S&C’s global headquarters in Chicago is home to one of the world’s leading electrical testing laboratories and North America’s only complete suite of in-house testing facilities and services. Our 20,000-square-foot Nicholas J. Conrad (NJC) Laboratories supports our speed of innovation and means that we are well-equipped to meet the rigorous testing requirements for electrical equipment.

Our in-house testing capabilities ensure the reliability and resilience of our products as we to innovate solutions for electric utilities and commercial and industrial facilities. S&C’s professional electrical and mechanical experts integrate testing from the design and pilot stages of a new product to compliance testing and performance verification. This provides the reassurance our products meet industry standards and the long-term endurance our customers need.

S&C offers High Power Lab and High Voltage Lab testing services to customers. Testing may be to verify to compliance to industry standards, performance checks for investigative reasons, or long-term tests for endurance. These labs provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective testing services, all in one facility, to advance the research and development of electrical products that create a more reliable and resilient grid. Read more about the High Power Lab’s capabilities and S&C’s Advanced Technology Center.

The NJC laboratories strive to advance the research and development of electrical switching, protection, and control products by providing innovative and efficient testing solutions for our customers. The labs’ vision is to continue being the trusted partner of choice for the testing of electrical switchgear products.

Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality

  • The labs adhere to ISO standards for Quality Management (ISO-9001), Environmental Management (ISO-14001), and Occupational Health and Safety (ISO-45001). Adherence to these international standards means that the labs’ customers can have confidence that our services are reliable and of excellent quality, while providing a framework to help manage our environment and occupational safety and health.
  • The labs additionally adhere to the ISO standard for Competence of Testing (ISO-17025) to ensure the highest quality of service for the lab’s customers.
  • The labs participate in ISNetworld® third-party contract approval system.

Laboratory Services

Testing and verification of fault handling and switching capabilities are critical stages in the product development process of electrical switchgear. Our testing experts conduct a variety of tests, including simulated transformer secondary faults on transformers, short-circuit withstand tests, cable/loop switching tests, load switching tests, and line dropping tests. S&C’s sophisticated control system allows for setting precise transient recovery voltage parameters and asymmetrical current peak control on a per-pole basis.

Testing and verification of insulation properties and dielectric strength are critical to the design and performance of electrical switchgear. The High-Voltage Laboratory allows for a wide range of testing with voltages up to 800 kV AC withstand and 1200 kV impulse capabilities. In addition, specialized tests such as radio interference voltage tests, capacitor discharge tests, partial discharge tests, surface arc tracking tests, and long-term outdoor energized exposure can be conducted.