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As energy demand and generation capacity continue to grow, utilities are looking for distribution switching systems that are reliable, resilient, and efficient.  When used with smart and flexible controls they can minimize the load under outage conditions and maximize their system uptime.

The Scada-Mate SD Switching System with an S&C 6800 Series Automatic Switch Control can meet these technical, operational, and economic challenges. The switching system includes vacuum interrupting technology, has no greenhouse gas and is totally environmentally friendly.

The three-pole operated Scada-Mate SD Switching System is designed for overhead distributed automation and to operate in 14.4-kV and 25-kV power distribution systems. It is rated 900 amperes continuous and interrupting and features peak withstand of 41,600 amperes. It has a five-time duty-cycle fault-closing rating of 12,500 amperes RMS symmetrical.

  • An integral stored-energy operating mechanism. Circuit-making and circuit-breaking are accomplished within sealed vacuum interrupter bottles. In addition to electrically operating the interrupters, the operating mechanism provides non-electrical mechanical opening and closing of the interrupters by means of a manual-operation pull-ring.
  • An OPEN/CLOSED indicator. Located on the side of the base, the indicator shows the interrupter position.
  • A Lockout/Tagout feature. The switch can be locked open to prevent electrical or manual closing.
  • An optional hookstick-operated disconnect. Visible air-gap isolation of switched-open circuits—needed only when work on the feeder is required—can be provided by an optional integral, hookstick-operated disconnect.
  • A permanent lifting bracket. The bracket is provided for convenient rigging and hoisting, thus making Scada-Mate SD switches easy to install.
  • Voltage and current sensing. Scada-Mate SD Switching Systems can be furnished with factory-installed three-phase S&C Current Sensors or three-phase S&C Current/Voltage Sensors on one or both sides of the switch. Alternately, S&C sensors or sensors of other manufacturer can be added later. With their integral sensors and disconnect—and no vertical operating pipe—Scada-Mate SD switches present a clean, uncluttered look.

The Scada-Mate SD Switching System is expandable and, when paired with S&C’s powerful and flexible 6801 Automatic Switch Controls, enables utilities to meet their distribution automation needs, including sectionalizing and restoration. After an initial purchase, Scada-Mate SD switches can be upgraded to a variety of optional switch-control features.

Scada-Mate SD Switching Systems — 60-Hz Applications

Voltage Class, kVAmperes, RMSFive-Time Duty-Cycle Fault-Closing,
RMS, Sym.
Nom.MaxBILCont.Peak Withstand
14.4 17.0 110 900 41 600 12 500
25 29 125♠ 900 41 600 12 500

Scada-Mate SD Switching Systems — 50-Hz Applications

Voltage Class, kVAmperes, RMSFive-Time Duty-Cycle Fault-Closing,
RMS, Sym.
Nom.MaxBILCont.Peak Withstand
15 110 900 41 600 12 500
20♠ 24 125♠ 900 41 600 12 500

♠ Minimum voltage rating: Device is rated to 150 kV BIL, except when the vacuum interrupter is open.

A variety of optional features are available for the Scada-Mate SD Switching System to meet your specific application’s needs:

Visible-Break Disconnect

Scada-Mate SD Switching Systems

If your system practices require it, Scada-Mate SD switch compact-crossarm upright configurations can be furnished with an integral disconnect.

Manual Hookstick Operating Mechanism

The manually operated Scada-Mate SD switch uses the same vacuum interrupters and enclosed one-piece base as the electrically operated Scada-Mate SD switch. It also provides the same three-pole group operation and ratings as the Scada-Mate SD switch: 900 amperes continuous and interrupting at 14.4 kV and 25 kV, with a five-time duty-cycle fault-closing rating of 12,500 amperes RMS, symmetrical.

With just one pull of a hookstick, circuit-making/circuit-breaking is performed inside the sealed interrupters, in a vacuum-controlled environment. The interrupting performance with the spring-loaded mechanism is independent of the speed of the operator. The interrupter position is clearly visible on the OPEN/CLOSED indicator on the side of the base.

The manual operator can be replaced with an automated stored-energy operator to convert the switch for automation applications with the IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System. The conversion also requires adding any required sensors to the switch along with cable to the control.

Also available:

  • Shielded control cable, available in lengths from 25 to 100 feet (762 to 3048 cm)
  • Wildlife protection
  • Arrester brackets for both sides of the switch
  • Pole-band and J-bolt option
  • Provisions for dead-ending directly to the switch

The Scada-Mate SD Switching System is available in four mounting configurations, accommodating the most widely used over-head-distribution line configurations:

Scada-Mate SD Switching Systems

  • Compact-crossarm upright
  • Compact-crossarm upright with extra mounting-pole clearance
  • Compact-crossarm upright compact (alley arm)
  • Compact-crossarm tiered outboard

6800 Series Automatic Switch Controls

S&C 6800 Series Automatic Switch Controls combine sophisticated automatic control schemes with RTU functionality, data logging, and advanced communication capabilities in one integrated package. Models are available for overhead distribution applications that can automate one, two, or three pole-mounted or pedestal-mounted switches or fault-interrupting devices. Models are also available for underground distribution applications in pad-mounted gear that can likewise automate one, two, or three switches or fault-interrupting devices.

The 6801 Automatic Switch Controls features:

  • Automatic sectionalizing based on factors such as overcurrent, loss of voltage, or phase unbalance
  • Data logging, including overcurrent faults and daily high/low values
  • Stand-alone or SCADA operation
  • Support for a wide variety of communication hardware and software protocols
  • Sophisticated power supply/battery system
  • Compatible with the IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System
  • Easy-to-use IntelliLink® Setup Software

Communication and Control Units

S&C Communication and Control Units are custom-engineered controls specifically designed for use with Scada-Mate SD Switches, Scada-Mate CX™ Switches and Scada-Mate® Switches. They accommodate most user-specified remote terminal units and communication devices, and are generally used in distribution automation and other smart grid applications that don’t involve the IntelliTeam SG Automatic Restoration System.

S&C Communication and Control Units have been extensively tested to ensure reliable operation in the harshest environments. Two versions are available. The Communication and Control Unit—Self-Powered version features a temperature-compensated constant-voltage battery charger that’s powered by an S&C Voltage Sensor. The Communication and Control Unit—Externally Powered version features a high-output, temperature-compensated, constant-voltage battery charger with a unique battery-management system that’s powered by a user-supplied 120-Vac source.

Both versions include the following features as standard:

  • A switch control with OPEN/CLOSE pushbuttons, switch-position indicating lamps, a disconnect closed-and-latched indicating lamp, a LOCAL/REMOTE switch, and an operation counter
  • Integral load-disconnect circuitry that prevents deep discharge of batteries on loss of ac source, plus alarms for loss of ac source, battery low voltage, or charger overvoltage (The battery-load test feature works in conjunction with suitably equipped RTUs.)
  • Rechargeable sealed-lead starved-electrolyte battery packs
  • A rugged 316L stainless steel enclosure