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VacuFuse® Self-Resetting Interrupter

When fuses protecting overhead distribution transformers operate, 70% of the time they’re for nuisance outages where no other repair work is needed, requiring you to roll a truck unnecessarily. That equates to 70% of these maintenance costs wasted for issues that could have been altogether avoided.

VacuFuse Self-Resetting Interrupters bring fault-testing technology furthest toward the end of the grid than had previously been possible, providing you with advanced end-to-end lateral protection for the most vulnerable and difficult-to-reach locations on your system—and saving you needless maintenance expenses.


70% nuisance outages equates to 70% wasted O&M

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Advanced lateral protection in grid’s trickiest locations

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Improves customer satisfaction

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Mitigates risk for crews and the environment

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VacuFuse Customer Satisfaction


This guidebook introduces you to the VacuFuse Self-Resetting Interrupter and explores the most critical factors for utilities to consider when seeking to advance their lateral protection strategy.

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Inventing Technology for Grid Reliability’s New Frontier

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