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IntelliTeam SG is a field-proven universal Smart Grid solution that automatically reconfigures distribution feeders after a fault or loss of source as it quickly isolates the fault and then restores service to those segments of the feeder which can be restored. It uses the excess capacity available from any alternate source to restore service in seconds to unfaulted line segments. The IntelliTeam SG system substantially reduces “Customer Minutes of Interruption” (CMI), markedly improving your reliability ratings.

The IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System automatically reconfigures the distribution system after a fault and quickly restores service to segments of the feeder not affected by the fault. Although fully compatible with SCADA, no SCADA control or central monitoring is required. Decisions are made locally based on real-time loading data. The IntelliTeam SG system supports complex systems of virtually any size and accommodates tie points from multiple sources. It can handle as many teams of switches as line-loading will allow.

The IntelliTeam SG system offers such important features as:

  • IntelliTeam® Designer: Simplifies system configuration, propagates settings to all team members
  • Rapid Self-Healing: Isolates the faulted section and restores service to non-faulted sections in seconds
  • Post-Restoration Load Management: Protects the reconfigured system from loading exceeding the capabilities of the system
  • Programmed-in logic: Just configure the settings
  • Multiple blocking points: Prevent automatic operation when crews are working 


  • No limit on the number of controls
  • Works on radial or looped circuits, or a combination of both
  • Scalable from simple circuits to full distribution systems with minimal effort
  • Restoration capacity based on real-time loading, so circuits can handle higher loads
  • Full SCADA support, including override of automatic functions by the master station
  • Immune to single-point communication failures
  • Automatically returns to normal upon return of voltage
  • Support for distributed generation
  • Ability to isolate single-phase faults and restore around them

The IntelliTeam SG system is easy to set up and apply. S&C can help you quickly get up to speed in deploying IntelliTeam SG system software on your system, or our experts can handle the deployment for you. Either way, the IntelliTeam SG system ensures you’ll get the most CMI reduction for the money and optimal performance from your system.

The IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System uses advanced controls, network communication, and distributed intelligence to quickly isolate a fault and then restore service to the maximum possible amount of load.

The unique logic of IntelliTeam system software is built in. It’s been extensively tested and can be applied with full confidence. The IntelliTeam SG system was specifically designed to meet the needs of line crews and operating personnel and was designed with requirements for safety and control over the work environment in mind. All automatic operations of the IntelliTeam SG system can be prevented when operating personnel are working on the line.

A Building Block Approach

The basic building block of the IntelliTeam SG system is a “team”—a line segment bounded by up to eight automatically controlled switching/fault-interrupting devices. Information on currents, voltages, loading data, etc., is transferred between teams. IntelliTeam SG system software ensures the system is not overloaded in the process of circuit restoration.

The IntelliTeam SG system can automate systems of virtually any size, within the constraints of circuit-loading.

Configuring the System

The IntelliTeam SG Automatic Restoration System monitors real-time voltages and currents using sensors integrated into the switching/fault-interrupting devices. Each device is configured to know its normal role in the system, its name (DNP address), and other key settings, such as:

  • Maximum Capacity: The amount of load the device is permitted to carry
  • Normal Switch Function: The role of the device within the team
  • Source Priority: The favored source of the team (if applicable) when all other factors are equal


Although the IntelliTeam SG system does not require a SCADA master station to function, it fully supports master control. You can use SCADA to control when the IntelliTeam SG system is active and when it’s not. The flow of team information back to the master station provides a wealth of information engineering, planning, and operations personnel can use to enhance system performance.

Fault Isolation

Using the voltages and currents measured at the switching/fault-interrupting devices—along with the configuration settings—the IntelliTeam SG system will identify the location of a fault anywhere in the system. The fault will be automatically isolated to the one affected team by opening the switching/fault-interrupting devices in conjunction with the source-side protective devices.


Once the fault has been isolated, the IntelliTeam SG system will seek out all possible power sources to restore service to as many teams as possible, as quickly as possible. The IntelliTeam SG system can manage virtually any number of alternate sources and loads.

Before closing a switching/fault-interrupting device to restore service, the system automatically verifies the alternate source will not be overloaded by adding the pre-fault load of the de-energized segment to the present real-time load of the alternate source. Restoration is typically completed in seconds.

Return to Normal

After the cause of the fault has been remedied and any damage repaired—and the SCADA dispatcher or field personnel has closed the open-source switching/fault-interrupting device of the faulted section—the IntelliTeam SG system signals the teams to return the circuit to its normal configuration. Either an open or closed transition return may be selected.

IntelliNode™ Interface Module

The IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System isn’t limited to use with S&C products. With the IntelliNode Interface Module, the IntelliTeam SG system’s interoperability extends to a wide array of new and existing DNP 3.0-compatible intelligent electronic devices applied with other manufactures’ conventional reclosers and switching devices, including: 

  • SEL 351-R1, 351-R2, and 351-S Overcurrent Relays
  • SEL 651 and 651RA Recloser Controls
  • SEL 751 and 751A Feeder Protection Relays
  • Nu-Lec CAPM-5 Recloser Controls
  • Cooper Form 6 Recloser Controls
  • GE F60 Feeder Management Relays
  • ABB Ref 550 Protection Relays
  • ABB DPU2000R Relay (after 2005)

The IntelliNode Interface Module enables a substation breaker to operate as part of an IntelliTeamSG Automatic Restoration System, helping to further minimize the impact of an outage. It interfaces with the microprocessor relay of the breaker and provides full team-member logic and communication capabilities to the fault-interrupting decisions made by the relay.

Upon loss of substation bus voltage, the module allows IntelliTeam SG system logic to restore power to the line segment between the substation breaker and the first switching/fault-interrupting device. The universal interface module can allow an additional reclosing attempt, if desired, and still restore all unfaulted line sections.

The IntelliNode Interface Module exchanges information with other team members and polls the relay for status and analog data. When a fault or loss of source occurs, the module provides an interface to—and operates—the breaker to restore as many feeder segments as possible.

Other intelligent electronic devices may be suitable as well. Contact your S&C representative for details.

The IntelliNode Interface Module is available in a rack-mounted version [19 inches (483 mm) wide, three spaces high] as well as a panel-mounted version that fits most relay enclosures. The module communicates with the relay through a DB-9 connector. Data, including alarm and team status, are shown on a two-line display. Tactile-feedback membrane switches allow easy scrolling through IntelliTeam SG system information.

Programming, setpoints, and logged data are stored in permanent, non-volatile memory. The crystal-controlled clock accurately time-stamps data. The IntelliNode Interface Module includes ports for team communication, communication with the relay, plus a DB-9 faceplate connector for local monitoring and configuration. Just connect a personal computer and change setpoints or upload logged data using user-friendly IntelliLink® Setup Software.