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Scada-Mate Switches are integer style three-pole, group-operated load interrupter switches available in voltage ratings of 14.4 kV through 34.5 kV. They’re factory-assembled on a one-piece base and include an integral stored-energy operating mechanism. Circuit making and breaking are accomplished within sealed interrupters, in a controlled SF6 environment.

All functions — sensing, control, and communication — are provided in one economical, completely self-contained, fully tested, integrated package.

Scada-Mate Switching Systems bring these vital advantages to your system:

  • Remote fault isolation and service restoration. Minimize the scope and length of outages.
  • System optimization. Through remote monitoring of feeder loading and automatic reconfiguration, you can better utilize your system . . . and defer capital expenses.
  • A wide range of available control units to meet your needs.
  • Available RTU-dependent sectionalizing schemes can be used for stand-alone automatic line sectionalizing (for open-loop distribution systems) and automatic network sectionalizing (for closed-loop distribution systems). Upgradable to full SCADA capability at any time.

A complete S&C Scada-Mate Switching System includes a 6801 Automatic Switch Control, which supports the IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System. IntelliTeam SG is a universal solution for automating new and existing circuits, offering unmatched interoperability. Restoration speed is greatly enhanced when the control is furnished with a SpeedNet™ Radio. It combines extremely secure long-range communication, high-volume data transmission, and flexible mesh networking to provide benchmark performance for unlicensed radio networks.

Alternately, a Communication & Control Unit can be furnished, providing the interface between the switch and the master-station computer for distribution automation and other Smart Grid applications that don’t involve IntelliTeam SG.

High-speed operating linkages are housed within the Scada-Mate Switch base. With no external moving parts, full live-switching performance is assured under any and all ice conditions. Visible air-gap isolation of switched-open circuits — needed only when work on the feeder is required — is provided by an integral, hookstick-operated disconnect.

Two S&C Current Sensors and one S&C Current/Voltage Sensor provide three-phase monitoring of line current and single-phase monitoring of system voltage . . . eliminating the cost, clutter, and complexity associated with separately mounted sensors. Three-phase voltage sensing on one or both sides of the switch is optionally available. The integrated sensors, combined with single-point lifting, make installation quick and easy. The voltage sensors also provide battery-charging power for the automatic switch control or communication and control unit, eliminating the need to install a separate distribution transformer.

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Scada-Mate Switches—60-Hz Applications

kVAmperes, RMSFive-Time Duty-Cycle
Amperes, RMS, Asym.
Nom.MaxBILCont. and
Mom., Asym.
14.4 17.0 110 600 25 000 20 000
25 29 150 600 25 000 20 000
34.5 38 200 600 25 000 20 000

Scada-Mate Switches—50-Hz Applications

kVAmperes, RMSFive-Time Duty-Cycle
Amperes, RMS, Asym.
Nom.MaxBILCont. and
Mom., Asym.
10 15 110 630 25 000 20 000
20 24 150 630 25 000 20 000
30 36 200 630 25 000 20 000

A variety of optional features are available for Scada-Mate Switching Systems to meet your specific needs:


Three-Phase Voltage Sensing on Jaw Side of Switch allows detection of voltage unbalances as well as current unbalances resulting from broken conductors and blown fuses.


Three-Phase Voltage Sensing on Jaw Side and Hinge Side of Switch, specifically intended for normally open points on the system.


Liquidtight Flexible Metal Wiring Conduit provides the ultimate in protection for the control cable.


Wildlife Protection helps reduce wildlife-related nuisance outages. Made from high-strength, UV-resistant materials.

Also available:

  • 25- or 45-Foot Shielded Control Cable (35 foot is standard)
  • High-Speed Operating Mechanism
  • Interrupter Open/Closed Indicator on Both Ends of Switch Base
  • Extension-Link Assemblies
  • Burdens for 69-Vac Voltage Sensing Output (5-Vac output is standard)

Scada-Mate Switches are available in four mounting configurations: upright, vertical, tiered-outboard, and pole-top, accommodating the most widely used over-head-distribution line configurations. Switches in the upright mounting configuration are also available with extra mounting-pole clearance.

Provisions for mounting surge arrestors and for dead-ending are provided as standard.

Upright Configuration

Pole-Top Configuration

Vertical Configuration (14.4 kV and 25 kV only)

Tiered-Outboard Configuration

6800 Series Automatic Switch Controls

6800 Series Automatic Switch Controls combine sophisticated automatic control schemes with RTU functionality, data logging, and advanced communication capabilities in one integrated package. Models are available for overhead distribution applications that can automate one, two, or three pole-mounted or pedestal-mounted switches or fault-interrupting devices. Models are also available for underground distribution applications in pad-mounted gear that can likewise automate one, two, or three switches or fault-interrupting devices.

The 6801 Automatic Switch Control features:

  • Automatic sectionalizing based on factors such as overcurrent, loss of voltage, or phase unbalance
  • Data logging, including overcurrent faults and daily high/low values
  • Stand-alone or SCADA operation
  • Support for a wide variety of communication hardware and software protocols
  • Sophisticated power supply/battery system
  • Compatible with the IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System
  • Easy-to-use IntelliLink® Setup Software

Communication and Control Units

S&C Communication and Control Units are custom-engineered controls specifically designed for use with Scada-Mate® Switches and Scada-Mate CX™ Switches. They accommodate most user-specified remote terminal units and communication devices, and are generally used in distribution automation and other Smart Grid applications that don’t involve the IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System.

S&C Communication and Control Units have been extensively tested to ensure reliable operation in the harshest environments. Two versions are available. Communication and Control Unit—Self-Poweredfeatures a temperature-compensated constant-voltage battery charger that’s powered by an S&C Voltage Sensor. Communication and Control Unit—Externally Powered features a high-output, temperature-compensated, constant-voltage battery charger with a unique battery management system that’s powered by a user-supplied 120-Vac source.

Both versions include the following features as standard:

  • Switch control with open/close push buttons, switch-position indicating lamps, disconnect closed-and-latched indicating lamp, local/remote switch, and operation counter.
  • Integral load-disconnect circuitry that prevents deep discharge of batteries on loss of ac source, plus alarms for loss of ac source, battery low voltage, or charger overvoltage. The battery-load test feature works in conjunction with suitably equipped RTUs.
  • Rechargeable sealed-lead starved-electrolyte battery packs.
  • Rugged 316L stainless-steel enclosure.