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The IntelliLink Setup Software, furnished at no charge with S&C Automation Products, greatly simplifies device setup but offers no fleet management capabilities. The IntelliTeam® FMS Feeder Management System software, available via license purchase, enables configuration, data download, and device analytics of your fleet of S&C’s automation products from a single enterprise system.

The main features of the IntelliLink Setup Software and the IntelliTeam FMS are compared in this table.

Function IntelliLink® Setup Software​ IntelliTeam FMS® Feeder Management System​
View Data and Troubleshoot System​ X X
Remote Configuration​ X X
Password Management​ X
Multiple Device Access​ Non-simultaneous X
Download Data, Events and Logs​ X X
Data, Event, and Alarm Logging​ X X
Update Device Firmware​ X X
Intelligent Alerts and Actions​ X
Remote Device Control​ X X
Unsolicited Reporting​ X
IntelliTeam Sequence of Events​ X
Scheduled Data Gathering​ X
DNP Point Logging​ X
User-Defined Dashboards​ X
Communications Support​ X

The IntelliLink Setup Software is S&C’s Windows-based program for interfacing locally or remotely with our automation controls. You can view real-time data, manage setpoints, gather troubleshooting information (i.e., settings snapshots and logs), and download historical data for reports — all from screens that are easy to use and understand.

IntelliLink is included with all S&C Automation Products, which includes the IntelliRupter® PulseCloser® Fault Interrupter, 6800 Series Automatic Switch Controls, IntelliNode™ Interface Modules, and IntelliCap® 2000 Capacitor Switch Controls.

IntelliRupter R3 Closed 27 Kilovolts

The IntelliLink Setup Software can also remotely access control information over the communication link of DNP-equipped S&C Automation Products. When connected remotely, all setup and data-gathering capabilities are available remotely by connecting a computer to the SCADA communication port on one of the networked S&C automation devices. IntelliLink is also capable of communicating over Ethernet TCP/IP and UDP/IP, allowing operation through gateways and servers.

IntelliLink also provides role-based access controls which allows the admin user to configure the user access controls to support separation of duty and least functionality security concepts along with unique username and passwords.

Screenshot of IntelliRupter R3 Application Login Portal